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Warm and Welcoming Dining Room Trends of 2020

As the weather cools down and the holidays are around the corner, dining in is de rigueur for many.

Infusing your dining space with added personality, style, and a little pizzazz.

One of the most overlooked spaces in a home is the dining room. Even though it’s supposed to be the room that brings family and friends together, many times it’s the space that gets the least amount of TLC. Dining room designs across America are screaming out for help and we are here to let you in on all the latest designs to transform your dining room from drab to fab. This year’s dining room trends are all about capitalizing on artwork, texture, and color without compromising the comfort and warmth of your home. Follow these trends, and your dining room will be dinner party-ready and welcoming in no time.

It's all about the art:

When doing home renovations and updates, people always go straight to buying new furniture, rugs, and other larger pieces. Making these large and costly changes is not the only way to update a room and add pizazz. One simple way to take your interior design to the next level is to add new pieces of art. Incorporating art into a room helps set the design style you’re trying to achieve and is a perfect way to inject a little personality into the aesthetic of the room. The art within a space doesn’t have to only play as “background noise” but could instead be turned into the focal point with a quick install of lights. By highlighting the art with spotlights draws guests' attention in when they enter the room and will ensure the beautiful art gets the recognition it deserves. Start awakening your design and add some unique art that expresses your style. Art is priceless, so show it off!

Listen to your art:

Artwork adds personality and style to a room, so why not make it the focal point? To give your dining room a unique personal touch, try introducing wall niches to showcase artwork and sculptures. Artwork collected is usually seen as a personal statement. Therefore, this trend will allow you to creatively frame and showcase your artistic interests in a unique and memorable way. Not only are incorporating wall niches a fun way to display art, but they also give the room back some space. Using this tip will transform your artwork from being average or overlooked to being appreciated by your friends and family. As the artist Jerzy Kosinski once said, “The principle of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.”

Say yes to more color:

When it comes to design, the use of color is one of the most important aspects in a space. Color helps determine the mood of an environment and can evoke a calm, cheerful, comfortable, or dramatic feeling. Adding pops of color and patterns to the walls of your dining room is a quick and easy way to refresh and liven up the space without breaking the bank. Not only will the colors and patterns intrigue guests’ visual senses, but it also allows the room to have some personality shine through! Do not be afraid of bold colors! Bold colors and patterns might seem risky, but the higher the risk, the higher the reward.

Mix and Match:

One thing all dining rooms have in common is ample seating around the table. Whether it’s seating for 6 or seating for 20, every design includes some sort of repetition of chairs. But who says all the chairs have to match? Another way to spunk up a dining room is to mix and match the chairs. Some designs incorporate different captain chairs, or even all different chairs. Integrating this type of accent detail helps create contrast and interest in the dining space that won’t go unnoticed by guests. Not only does this design give some contrast, but it’s also a fun way to add style to the space without compromising on comfort.

Booth please:

During the holidays or big events hosted in homes, one problem many people run into is not enough seating for all their guests in the dining room. You either find yourself scrambling for extra chairs to squeeze around the table, or you end up setting up a whole temporary table and chairs - neither are optimal solutions. A unique and easy fix for this problem is using booth seating instead of traditional chairs in the dining space. With easy install, booth seating will quickly upgrade the space without a strenuous renovation. Along with its other perks, this style of seating allows many people to fit around a table while keeping a cohesive design.

Keep your lighting interesting:

Lighting is an aspect of a room that can make or break the final design. With the flip of a switch, custom lighting can take an okay room and turn it into a chic design. One-of-a-kind lighting fixtures are a great way to spice up a design without having to put forth a ton of effort - A quick install and you are done. In recent years, custom lighting fixtures have had more of a purpose than to just lighting up a room, they have also become pieces of artwork that serve as a focal point for the space. Nothing says “individualistic” like having a custom lighting fixture that reflects your personal style and doubles as a piece of art. Adding statement pendants, chandeliers, or even walls sconces is the key to taking your dining room to the next level.

Make it dynamic:

As said above, the dining room is a fun place to mix, match, and play with new design techniques. When it comes to your dining table and chairs, you have many other options of mixing things up other than just changing the shape and/or style of the chairs. Integrating a variety of finishes such as wood, acrylic, metal, or mirror on dining tables and chairs will draw interest into the space without compromising the balance of the design. Not only will different finishes create greater interest within the space, but it also helps set the tone of the style for the room. For instance, incorporating wood and metal together gives the room a mid-century modern vibe, while wood with iron gives a more industrial one. Figuring out then implementing the perfect pairing of finishes for the style you’re trying to achieve will enhance the aesthetic and create a unique environment you can be proud of.

Enhancing conversation:

The number one function of any dining room is to bring people together in a space that encourages fellowship and conversation over a good meal. The typical rectangle dining room table does not do this function justice and can even be hindering to conversation instead of the other way around. So why keep going with the same old rectangle style table? Its time to switch things up and introduce a large round table to your dining space instead! The circular shape naturally encourages conversation between all guests, while still allowing for ample seating. Implementing this concept strengthens the idea of bringing family, friends, and neighbors together to enjoy good food while building a sense of community between one another. Whether you use your dining room for meetings, dinner parties, or important family dinners and conversations, this focus on creating fellowship is evergreen matter what the event.

Natural touches go a long way:

A timeless trend to revitalize any space is to incorporate natural accents throughout the design. From wood and stone finishes to fresh flower and fruit décor, these elements bring the outdoors in and will liven up the atmosphere of any dining room. By adding accents as simple as a bouquet of flowers or a bowl of fruit can easily add warmth and character to a cold feeling space. The key is to choose natural components that reflect your personal style and bring peace to you. Incorporating organic materials in your dining room will turn your house into a home in no time!

Comfort is key:

Everyone’s goal is to create a stylish and functional dining room where friends and family can gather, but you shouldn’t compromise comfort for style! Trends might come and go, but one thing that remains consistent about dining rooms is that comfort is key. When selecting the dining chairs make sure you keep in mind the height the chair is from the ground, back height, width, and movement. These aspects play a key role in how long someone will be comfortable in a chair before the back pain starts kicking in. So, the next time you decide its time for new dining chairs, go test them out, and find the one that offers style while keeping comfort the main focus! Nice cushy chairs will keep your guest coming back and make your dining room the go-to choice for all events.

As we usher in the holidays, the time is now to turn your dining space into a welcoming, picturesque atmosphere full of personality, style, and comfort with these simple interior design trends.

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