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A Chic and Productive Atmosphere: Office Trends that Refresh Your Space and Keep Your Mind on Track.

As the new year rolled in, more and more companies are moving toward working from home permanently. With the coronavirus still running rampant and people continuing to social distance, businesses have found they can conduct work without the expense of an office space. This has left people scrambling to create a long-term effective workspace in their home. But do not fret, whether you’re repurposing an unused guest room, a closet, or just a nook, we can help you turn any space into a dream office. These 2021 home office design trends will help create a functional working space with an elevated design.

Location, location, location:

Create a focused location. The first step in creating a functional workspace is finding the perfect spot in your house for it. Not all houses have built-in rooms designated for home offices, so some people might have to get creative! Whether it's converting half a guest room, cleaning out a cluttered closet, or creating a little nook in an unused space in your home. Even the smallest homes have space to convert to a home office! Walk through your different options in your home and pick the one that will help you remain focused throughout the day with little distractions.

The perfect desk:

Use table space. When you close your eyes and envision an office desk, I bet you see a big bulky piece of furniture with many compartments. While some might still need that overwhelmingly large desk, there are many other great ways to achieve an organized home office desk without compromising on style. Depending on the type of space you have designated as your office will have a huge impact on the type of desk you choose. The current trend for a full-room office space is a regular table converted to a desk. The sleek design of using a regular table opens the space up, but still allows for a work surface to set a laptop on. Some sleek table styled desks even have nice hidden drawers for added storage. For small office space designs, the trend has shifted to using floating desks or small tables that fit into the nook of the space. These custom floating desks or small tables still allow space to set up a laptop but also fits away in tight spots. They can incorporate small drawers and cubbies to store various items in. No matter the size of the home office, choose a desk that opens the space up and makes it feel airy.

The right kind of storage:

Outside the desk. Just because old school desks with all the different compartments have phased out doesn’t mean you have to give up your storage space. First off, you don’t have to get rid of all your desk storage. Many modern style desks/tables have a few drawers to keep everyday items in. You can also incorporate storage options throughout different elements in the room to create a more modish design. Depending on the size of office space you’re working with, adding a large or small bookshelf is a fantastic way to offer more storage while still staying with an airy vibe. Now, I know what you’re thinking, how is a bookshelf going to look nice compared to having things put in drawers and other compartments? The answer is it won’t unless you spice it up! Add cool hidden features like a storage basket that double as a paper filing bin, and other cool knickknacks that will show your personality but also bring function to the space. Storage also doesn’t have to be in the form of a box. You can also use a styled bulletin board to keep paper clutter off your desk.

The overall color scheme:

Embrace color. A very important aspect of your office is the color scheme you choose. Most people think it’s a good idea to go with boring colors, that way the room doesn’t feel overwhelming while trying to work. But there are ways to add some color to your home office without making it unbearable to work! The 2021 home office color trend is monochromatic! Pick your favorite color and use different shades of it throughout the room. If you’re worried about color overpowering your room, use the lighter shades on the walls and save the darker color shades for the accessories! Certain colors can even add a calming effect to the room. It has been proven that using blues or greens in a room will help calm the mind in high stress situations. So, step out of the neutral zone and add some life to your home office with some monochromatic color schemes!

The throne:

Where you sit matters. Arguably the most important part about an office is what you will have to be sitting in all day. Most office jobs require a person to be seated at their desk working on a computer for the better portion of their day which is not optimal for the body. Because of this, people look for ergonomic chairs that will provide maximum comfort, but when you think about ergonomic, you think dull and boring. This does not have to be the case. Office chair designs are breaking the “ugly” barrier and producing new modern and clean designs that still offer the same amount of comfort. Depending on the location of your home office, a classic rolling chair might not work. While having a chair specifically designed to work in is nice, it’s not the only option of chair for your desk. A new home office design trend this year is to lose the office chair altogether and use an accent chair or a regular table chair in its place. You can choose a super plush chair that will add not only comfort but style to the room as well. No matter the chair you pick for your design, always make sure its suitable and comfortable for your needs.

Go all natural:

Bring the outdoors in. This home office décor trend has us taking a second look at those potted plants we have shoved on our back patios and bringing them in! People are ditching all the knickknacks and clutter they would typically have arranged all over their home office and moving towards a greener option. Potted plants not only add color and vibrance to a room, but it also adds a refreshed vibe. Along with plants making the office feel fresher, studies done by NASA shows indoor plants help improve productivity and concentration of the people in that room. Even in rooms that do not get very mush sunlight, plants can still be a possibility! There are potted plants that don’t require very much light along with special light bulbs that will help your plants grow indoors. Therefore, moving towards a natural style of decor is the new mood of 2021.

Video chat ready:

Limit distractions. Because we as a community are continuing to social distance, virtual meetings seem to be here to stay for 2021. Due to everyone video conferencing from home, a design trend that came along is having a specific area that is visually appealing to go live from. Whether you’re zooming, having a WebEx, REAMS call, or any other video conference call, you always want to have a simplistic and clean background that won’t cause distractions during a meeting. If your computer is stationary and not able to move, make sure the décor that can been seen behind you is light and airy. This will cause less distractions and keep people focused on the conversation and not what you might have on your walls. If you work off a laptop and move around the room, always pick a designated location that have been designed to be simplistic and appealing. Whether your stationary or able to move around, always make sure your virtual meeting background is designed to keep the brain focused.

A new day and new year are here. Covid-19 has changed our lives. Our daily office lives in particular are evolving as well - According to many employers and employees, home offices are here to stay. After a year of walls, laptops, and masks, our scenery has seemed a little flat and lifeless. Reimagining our home and traditional office spaces is paramount to creating a bright, dynamic effective work environment. On the bright side of Covid-19, it’s forced us to look at creative options for existing office design and home office design flaws. Create a space you look forward to waking up to and working in all day.


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