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Exciting Bathroom Trends for 2020

From showers and lighting to adding cozy touches and pops of color; this year's bathroom trends are easy, fun, and exciting.

<img src="modern bathroom.jpg" alt="modern marble penthouse bathroom designed by Montgomery Roth in Houston">

Have you found yourself sitting in your bathroom thinking about how underwhelming it is? Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in a house, so why doesn’t their design usually reflect that? This year people are breaking the mold and moving away from the classic bathroom design to a more luxurious resort atmosphere. From large walk-in showers with dual entry and multiple shower heads to floating vanities attached to the wall and everything in between, we will get you caught up with all the hottest and latest bathroom trends of 2020.

Putting showers in the spotlight:

In primary bathrooms, the bathtub has been the focal point of relaxation for many years, but 2020 is turning the tables. Luxurious, dual-sided walk-in showers are becoming all the rage in the new bathroom design trends and we are here for it! Equipped with double rain shower heads and multiple body jets throughout, these showers will transport a person to a spa-like state of mind. Ultimate relaxation is not the only perk to a larger shower, it also adds functionality. The dual-sided access and shower heads allows for two showers to be taken at the same time, therefore no more fighting over whose turn it is for the shower.

<img src="bathroom.jpg" alt="stunning neutral marble bathroom shower">

The soaker:

Even though large walk-in showers are on-trend, it does not mean the tub should be banished from the bathroom altogether. Bathtubs not only add functionality to the space, but they also add to the home’s resale value. To be able to accommodate the large luxury showers, designers have moved away from the garden-style tubs and moved to a new sleeker floating style tub. These tubs, while still being a large soaker, does not take up near the amount of space.

The perfect vanity makes the room:

Spacious vanities have always been a go-to in bathroom design because they offer a great source of storage in what is a smaller space of a house. To start making better use of this already smaller room, designers in 2020 are utilizing the floating vanity more and more. Floating vanities allow for continuous flooring throughout the space which plays an optical illusion on the eyes to make the space appear larger than it is. A sense of more space is not the only wonderful thing the floating vanity does, they also make the cleaning job a lot easier. Who doesn’t love that am I right? Raising the vanity off the floor eliminates all the hard to clean nook and crannies that a traditional vanity would create. Floating vanities are a quick and easy way to modernize the overall aesthetic and upgrade the bathroom in a snap.

An unexpected lighting technique:

To achieve a sleek, clean feel in the bathroom, people are stepping away from the traditional lighting fixture technique. Instead, they are brightening up their bathrooms by using electric back-lite mirrors with integral LED lights to enhance the atmosphere. This technique creates layers of depth within the room which give the sense of a larger and more spacious room than it might be. Along with adding depth, this style of lighting produces a more even light throughout the room and gets rid of the shadows that make a space feel cramped. Those are not the only ways this lighting technique makes a room feel more spacious. In getting rid of those bulky lighting fixtures, it allows for more headspace and the room does not feel closed in.

Brass and gold accents are back and chicer than before:

Everyone knows what they say about trends from the past, they always make their way back, and that’s exactly what happened with brass and gold accents in 2020! Brass and gold are not only stunning to look at, but they also create a sense of warmth to a room without taking away from the luxurious feel. Whether you add light touches or use them as main accents, brass and gold always enhance the aesthetic of a room.

Cohesive yet interesting:

In the typical bathroom design, most of the time there are multiple types of finishes used to bring the room together. Designers might mix ceramic tile floors with granite countertops and glass backsplash behind the vanity and bathtub/shower, which in turn give the room a busy feel. To create a more cohesive and relaxing atmosphere, a new bathroom trend is to use the same type of finish throughout the whole space, just in different patterns and sizes. Take one type of finish and apply it to the walls, cut it smaller for floor tiles, and use large slabs for countertops- it's that easy! This technique is a simple way to add a fresh and clean design, without reinventing the whole space. The different patterns and sizes of the finish are what brings in the intriguing designer touch, without being too busy.

Storage is key:

Bathrooms never seem to have enough storage space, whether it's in a main part of the bathroom or in the shower for all the products, there’s just never enough. People are constantly buying shower racks and other devices that clutter the bathroom to make up for the lack of storage space. A trend that originated many years ago to solve this problem was custom niches in the shower wall that allowed placement of soap bottles and other toiletries. In 2020 designers have expanded on this trend and made it even better! With the shower size expanding, the niche sizes and quantities are expanding as well. Now showers are being built with larger niches and sometimes even have one on either side of the shower. This quick and easy design feature adds functionality to a space that would have been otherwise wasted, and there’s no more need for large racks cluttering the space.

Tile doesn’t have to end with the floor:

Why has plain sheetrock been the standard wall type in the bathrooms since the beginning of time? Sheetrock absorbs moisture and is impossible to get clean. In a bathroom, those types of conditions lead to mold growth and dirt build-up- gross! Designers have stepped out of the box with a new trend that is putting a stop to all those problems by wrapping not just the bath/shower area in tile, but the whole room. No more worrying about dogs shaking water off or kids being messy, with a few quick wipes the tile is clean again.

The real key to coziness:

Another bathroom element that’s making its way back from the past with a new modern touch is the bathroom fireplace. Old school houses have the big bulky brick fireplaces in their bathrooms, and this new design is a complete 180 from that! The modern electric fireplaces that are flush with the wall is a great way to add warmth to the room while still updating the aesthetic feel. These fireplaces can either have the standard log look, or they can be made even more luxurious by adding glass pebbles instead. Either way it’s designed, it will turn the room into a warm relaxing space.

Pops of color:

With many of the new 2020-bathroom designs moving to a more simplistic feel, people must not forget that incorporating some colorful elements is still important to add vibrance to the room. Whether it is a fun colored accent rug or colorful knick-knacks on a shelf or some greenery, those pops of color are key to the overall warmth of the room. By adding the right pops of color throughout a bathroom, the design can keep a modern aesthetic without feeling too cold.

Dial up the aesthetic, as well as, the temperature of your bathroom with these bathroom trends and create a spa-like oasis faster than you can say "Champagne please."

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